I have found translating my notes made when Julie was going through the latter stages of her illness extremely emotional.  I thought it would show some of the issues faced by carers’.  That I now believe was wrong, in describing some of the problems day to day activities brought out and probably self-indulgent  in hindsight. Carers will know themselves of the problems they face and each circumstance will be unique.

The blog will stop and efforts to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society will continue through sales of the CD and Download which was produced specifically to help carers of those with the debilitating illness of dementia and now is I believe suitable for carers of any carers of any illness.

In the last few weeks I have been looking back at pictures and video footage of our life together.  She will never be forgotten.  However, the black dog periods Julie pulled me out of with her infectious smile and positive attitude to life are in danger of returning.  Yesterday I watched a clip of a beautiful time we spent in The Gambia and commented when she asked me a question that I had already answered her twice already.  This appalled me.

At another first day exploratory trip, even though it was a beautiful day it depressed me as it was something we said we would do together when we moved to Devon and Cornwall. It was a jolt to remember that Julie was not with me experiencing the event.

So I trust everyone will understand and will reinforce my own words that remembering the special moments you had together is paramount and will sustain you in the future.  I will be putting out a series of posts on the website, Facebook and Instagram over the coming weeks in order to make it easier to add the CD and Download to your coping mechanisms and I hope they will.