A Tribute to Julie Ann Alexis McCreadie

Julie Ann Alexis McCreadie (10 October 1946 to 14 February 2019) was an extraordinary woman.

She was the first woman to work on the floor of the London Stock Exchange and was City Editor for a leading national newspaper.

Julie helped to found The London Weekly, a free newspaper, first published on 5 February 2010. At the time, it was mooted as a serious rival to London’s Evening Standard but sadly, the publication folded around 18 months later.

At the peak of her career, Julie was Deputy Chief of the Guild of Editors and Editor for eight weekly newspapers in East Anglia. She always loved technology and was credited with implementing desktop publishing systems for many major magazines and newspapers. Former colleagues at the East Anglian Daily Times mourned her passing in 2019 with a double-page tribute.

Julie’s success was all the more extraordinary due to the challenges she had faced as a child. Problems with her eyesight meant she spent many months blindfolded in hospital. She was also forced to wear leg irons after a bout of polio left her with weakened limbs. Doctors recommended that she study ballet to strengthen her legs and, amazingly, she went on to become a semi-professional dancer. Her love of ballet continued until the day she died.

Julie met her husband, Bob (“Bobo”) in 1987 and In characteristic style, she broke with tradition and proposed to him in 1988. They were married on 10 June 2000 at Westerfield Hotel over a beautiful weekend with Church of England, Muslim, Jewish and Quaker blessings.

Sadly, Julie’s health began to decline in 2011. Unbeknown to her family, she was starting to show the early signs of Alzheimer’s Disease. Husband, Bob, unfamiliar with the disease, failed to recognise the symptoms, something that he now deeply regrets. Julie died in 2019 at the age of 72. She was cremated and her ashes were scattered on the sea at Cromarty Firth, where her son’s ashes were scattered in 1998

In tribute to this extraordinary and much-missed woman, Bob has created a CD called Care, Comfort and Compassion.  It includes music and poetry that have brought comfort to Bob in his loss. He hopes it will offer similar comfort to others. All proceeds will go to The Alzheimer’s Society to help fund research into early diagnosis of the disease.

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